Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Hi, Hola, Hello

I’m Frankie. That’s short for Francesca, which is a nice enough name I suppose, it’s just a bit bothersome when you introduce yourself to someone and they spend the rest of the night calling you Jessica, because you’re too quiet or the music’s too loud, or they’re a bit drunk - typically conversations go along the lines of ‘What’s your name?’ ‘Francesca’ ‘Sorry, what?’ ‘Fr-an-ces-ca’ ‘Oh, nice to meet you Jessica!’ and whilst it was funny maybe the first three times, by the three hundredth* I got a bit bored and adopted ‘Frankie’ which is a lot easier to remember, although I get far more songs sung at me now.

*possibly an exaggeration, I don't keep count.

I decided to start a blog in the hopes that it might cure me of my insomnia-induced boredom – it’s not so fun when it’s four in the morning and there is literally nobody around to talk to. Cats are not as good at conversations as they are at being cute.

That's my Milo, adorable right?!

I am a coffee junkie, although I’m having to limit my intake due to the aforementioned insomnia. I rather like Starbucks, I even drink Frappuccinos when it’s snowing, which people find bizarre (although I don’t see why everyone in Starbucks wants to ruin their beverage experience by asking for cream on top, or even EXTRA cream…shudder.) I also like cardigans, I live in them for as many months of the year I can without collapsing from heat living in England, that means basically always.

I'll also usually be found with my head in a book, or watching some horrendously trashy TV.

I have a super weird sense of humour and an unhealthy obsession with old Olsen twin movies.
This is my face:

If you happen to stumble across my blog, do say hello!


  1. Just came across your blog today and it's really great! My sister and I recently started one aswell due to boredom also!

  2. Hey, I just found your blog through a comment you left on my blog. It's really lovely. I love it when I find blogs that look professional, rather than simple layouts with crazy coloured background and Arial Black headings everywhere lol!xx

    1. Haha same to you! My blog is the product of boredom, and boredom inspires me to make silly graphics and pictures sooo :D x

  3. Helloo, found your blog through Lauren Zetta's.. I love your layout!

    Just thought I'd let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster Award....


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